Types of car insurance

Driving your car with an insurance coverage in public places protects you as the driver, and other motorists along the road in case of an accident. This provides compensation to cover for any damages caused to you, others, and property.

That said, car insurance business has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the United Kingdom.  The country prides of being the business market leader in hosting the biggest motor insurance markets in the European continent. By law, insurance policies in the United Kingdom to all motor vehicles is compulsory. The law states that all motor vehicles that are either driven or in public places should be insured. This fails in the case where the vehicle has been written off as the car is not being used.

Consequently, the United Kingdom car insurance policies have the tendency of insuring the vehicle rather than the driver. This means a driver is not automatically insured to drive other people cars depending on the insurance policy.

One is required to specify the policy when taking different types of car insurance car insurance in the United Kingdom. Couples have an option of getting both partner’s names on the policy if they both drive or add and additional driver.

There are 3 types of car in insurance policy in the United Kingdom. These are Third party, fire and theft insurance policy, comprehensive and third party car insurance.

Third party Liability or third-party car insurance

This is the minimum premium all drivers in the United Kingdom are expected to have by law. It is of low cost due to its nature of reduced policies.  The policy of this insurance states that; in the event of an accident when it’s the driver’s fault, the insurance covers all the damaged to the third party including damaged property and the vehicle. However, this coverage does not cover either the driver or his car in case pf an accident on his fault.

Third party, fire, and theft

This coverage is almost similar to the third-party car insurance policy. This coverage contains all third party polices, in addition to; replacing the driver’s car in any case it is stole, Repairs damaged caused to the driver’s car parts and insure damages caused by fire to ones car.

This is the highest and the most expensive premium car insurance cover policy cover available. This type of car insurance covers many risks. It has policies in it the third party , fire and theft policies and the third-party liability car insurance in it. It covers damages made to both driver’s car and damages to both parties in the event of an accident. Damages are made to replace the driver’s car when it’s written off equaling the car’s value in the current market regardless the amount you paid for it. This is the difference between the fully comprehensive insurance and third party car insurance policy.

coverage of comprehensive car insurance

Having multiple vehicles require separate insurance in the United Kingdom. However, most insurance companies often offer and a discount when insuring a second car.

All accidents should be reported to the insurer to advice if there’s a claim to make. Accidents with non-insured motorists should be reported to the police.

One can use valid vehicle insurance from other European Union countries in the UK. However, this may well change because of Brexit. Non -EU/EFYA nationals need to purchase a UK insurance to drive in the UK. One should contact their insurer if unsure of the insurance coverage to take.

When unsure of which car insurance coverage suits you, please contact your car insurance provider for more information.