Tuffnell parcel express

Are you looking for UK-based, European freight forwarding company for your local and overseas parcel delivery and deliver your parcels overseas? Then Tuffnell parcel express here to help. Tuffnells parcel express is reliable international freight forwarding global company offering a wide range of delivery service. Tuffnell parcel delivery gives you the speed or value you need. Tuffnells courier service works with trusted delivery partners and provide their clients with a dedicated international customer service team, giving you advice and guidance through every step of the freight forwarding process. Tuffnells handles more than 100000 consignments everyday totaling to 15 tons of weight per deport.

Tuffnell parcel express focuses on large and long length parcels and freight for deliveries for your tomorrow’s deliveries. Tuffnell provides a wide range of delivery options.

In addition, Tuffnells offers overseas delivery. The company has a logistic network, connections and strong partnerships giving you their clients peace of mind and a reliable international service. Tuffnells European services can be used to parcel various heavy irregular dimensions parcels. They provide a range of delivery options to meet any requirement for your business, including ‘data bag’ and ‘fastback’.

Why Tuffnell’s is preferred over other service providers.

1.Tuffnells is the leading transporter of irregular freight. The logistics company is trusted by more than 4000 business in the UK to transport irregular, bulky freight.

2.Tuffnells clients have access to over 30 local depots in the United Kingdom and 167 parcel destinations worldwide after its expansion.

3.All Tuffnells parcels are fully traceable. Consignors and consignees using Tuffnells courier services can track their Tuffnells parcel delivery with, Tuffnell end to end live pod options for all services. Customers use Tuffnell’s current labelling and tracking systems

4.Tuffnells offers up to 50kg per kg to all destination via air as standard.

Choosing a method right for you

Tuffnells parcel delivery offers quicker transit time and competitive rates for all shipments outside the European Union by air. Prices include custom clearance charges.

Parcels transit times take two days depending on your consignee.

It takes a time of 2-5 days when using Tuffnells parcel express to gateway cities, this is subject to custom clearance.

Your shipment needs to be labeled and an attachment of all documents required such as the commercial invoice when packing your shipment.

Follow this step when intending to use when using Tuffnells send a parcel internationally.

Step 1 – Get your unique quote for European freight forwarding.

Step 2 – Go through an Account application

Step 3 –Tuffnells will supply you with ezeelink software

Step 5 – Input your consignment data onto the software

Step 6 – Attach the labelling – sender/recipient address label and international green label

Step 7 – Attach your customs documents to the outside of your consignment

Step 8 – Give the consignment to your collection driver

Step 9 – Your international consignment is scanned at your local Tuffnells depot, trunked through the international depot in Kent for additional scanning, preparation and loading onto vehicles for the onward journey to your assigned destination

Step 10 – Track your consignment

You can manage your account online via myTuffnells. Tuffnell’s gives you up to date information for 24 hours daily.

Incase you want to register a claim, you must notify Tuffnells withing 14 days from the commencement of transit for a total loss consignment or seven calendar days for a partial loss or for damaged consignment. Claims made after the allotted days are invalid.

Make sure your labelling document has the following details

Ensure all labels are visible and can easily be identified

Property number, Road name, Industrial estate, Town or city, Full postcode, Contact name, Telephone of the recipient, Consignee name.

A well labelled parcel will help in making the job well done.