Features of a car rental website

The advent of technology has increased the need for every business to design and develop a website that their customers can use to shop and pay online at any time. The travel industry is one of the leading sectors where car rental websites are utilized by travellers to make their bookings online.

However, creating a profitable online car rental site requires it to have relevant pages that are easy to navigate by every customer who has basic digital skills. Although the pages can vary from one company to another, generally, car rental sites must have a sign-up page, bookings system, products and services, vehicles packages, monitoring, and reports (fleet management).


Products and services 

This page provides all the main services and products which a car rental company offers. For example, some car rental companies have services such as flight tickets, booking hotel rooms, conference facilities as well as a variety of vehicles.


Booking system 

This feature is one of the major aspects of an online rental website. It should allow the customers to provide their personal information including name, identity card, or passport, the location where the vehicle is going to be used, and dates. It is also important to enable the user to cancel the reservation if necessary although it may depend on company policies. Another key feature of the booking system is the search option. It should be convenient to show the available varieties of vehicles ready for hire. When a client makes a reservation, it’s reflected at the back and system administrators can manage the orders. The system admins can edit and make some manual adjustments to the bookings that came either through the website, phone calls, and the front desk office.



Designing various plans which potential clients can choose for their trips during all the year is necessary. Some companies categorize their plans as bronze (the lowest price), silver (average cost), and gold(the premium cost). Moreover, it is also important to provide flexible options which can be customized per the needs of the clients. This data should be very specific can include the total number of vehicles, their models. Further, this feature should enable multiple payment gateways so that clients can make their reservations seamless.


Fleet management

The function of the fleet management feature is to enable tracking the location of every vehicle and its current condition. The cars that are under repair and maintenance due to damaged are also managed under this feature, insurance expiration dates, expenses, and other related information. Majorly, fleet management helps in monitoring all the vehicles and ensuring every detail for each car can be accessed as soon as possible.


CRM System 

The function of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to keep all the information of the customers and retrieve it when required. When a new user registers on the website, this information is also delivered to the database, and it is reflected in a CRM to allow the managers to communicate with renters, monitor their reservations, track return clients, provide any available offers and even block any potential fraudsters.


Designing car rental sites requires a specialist in web design and development who will ensure the company has a modern website that is mobile friendly and has a friendly user experience. Although there must-have features for online car rental websites there are some which are optional but they are also helpful in running a successful business. For example, other online car rental websites have GPS tracking to show the location of every car, Content Management System, Reporting System, financing, billing, and invoicing options.