Parcels DHL

Over the years parcels DHL has grown to be the market leader in parcel services all over the world. DHL send parcel has gained trust to millions of customers worldwide and handles a record of 1.6 billion parcels yearly. Service provided include courier, package delivery and express mail service. DHL is involved in in all types of shipments over the sea, road, and air transport.

Before sending parcels there are important steps one needs to take to ensure deliveries are safe and intact as they travel thousands away miles way.

DHL parcel delivery offers free Packaging. You can order delivery online in 2-3 working days.

 Making a shipping label(waybill) for your package

Your DHL send package should contain the addresses of both the sender and the recipient. When writing the sender’s address, keep in mind the more information you write the better. Not to say that your parcel will get lost. However, all this is geared towards easy smooth journing of your parcel. Please, it is important to make your parcels visible. Remove all tapes and any other label that may cover your shipments label.

When filling your waybill note.

The receiver is subject to payable duties and taxes by default unless the DTB service is selected.

The parcel shall be weighed and billed accordingly if applicable regardless of the weight and dimension the given by the sender.

The address details of both the shipper and the consignee must contain company’s name or mobile number, email address and the sender email address including postal address

The shipment details in the waybill is always used by custom clearance to ensure the details are similar with the shipping invoice

  1. Air waybills become invalid beyond the given expiration dates.
  2. Picking a courier service-Here you are required to pick a courier service that meets their personal needs varying from different shipments.  This depends on one’s personal value of their own parcel, parcel’s urgency, or the importance of the parcel
  1. Inquiring about special shipments

Some goods are prohited by DHL worldwide express

Prohibited parcels. It is important to know the type of goods that DHL transports. An in no circumstance shall DHL allow transport prohibited goods. Here is the list.

  1. Live animals
  2. Animal trophy
  3. Human remains or ashes
  4. Precious metals
  5. Legal tenders and travelers’ cheque
  6. Loose precious or semi-precious stones
  7. Ammunitions such as firearms explosives
  8. Counterfeit goods and narcotics
  9. Goods that require special procedure

Shipment regions

It is important to consider shipment locations when sending goods. This is because of the paperwork involved. Sending a good in the European union is different from sending goods to other parts of the world

Dangerous goods

These are goods that can pose risk to health safety and property

When shipping dangerous goods your need to know the following

  1. The shipper is legally responsible for compliance
  2. Dangerous goods shipment is subject to additional charges
  3. The shipper must be  approved by DHL express before shipping dangerous goods
  4. DHL must be aware of the intention of the shipper transporting the goods

Please contact DHL customer care in any case you doubt your good.

Dhl parcel collection

After making sure your parcel is picked by a courier, the shipper ought to book a pickup.

This achieved by using the DHL app or by the DHL customer service.

In any case you may want to track you parcel.  After you’ve dropped your parcel off and handed it to the courier, One can track the status of the parcel online at the follow your shipment page via the DHL website.