Best airlines in the world

Skytrax rankings are the world’s most airport prestigious rankings in the world. The 23 months survey they presented in 2021 of the best airlines in the world represented a mix of normal travel times combined with travel during the corona virus pandemic period. There was a great shift of online positions after the covid 19 virus. However, a good number of airlines worldwide managed to defend their positions by maintaining higher rankings and reviews from their clients.

More than 13 million travelers globally participated in the nominations by nominating their preferred airlines. Rankings were also based on customer care experience on a bar scale of one to five. This including the airlines’ cabin service, covid -19 vaccine response, general airport service and the onboard product.

According to Syntrax, the Qatar airways in Qatar scooped the top position as the best airline in the world. Qatar airways has taken this for the sixth time now since 2001.The airline also managed to rank top on other award including the best business class, best airline in the middle east, world best business class airline lounge and best business class onboard catering. This made the Qatar airlines the world’s best airline to fly in. In a short time, the Qatar airways airflights has grown to more than 140 destinations worldwide.

Singapore airways in Singapore was ranked the first runners up position. In addition, the international airline was ranked, the world’s best airline cabin staff, world best first class, world best first class seat, best economy class onboard catering, and the best airline in Asia.

ANA All Nippon airways in Japan was ranked third after the Qatar airways. They also received an award for the best airline staff in Asia and took the bronze position. Nevertheless ANA AII Nippon received an award for providing the best airport service, having the best airline staff in Asia, the best first-class lounge in Asia and worlds’ best airline cabin cleanliness. Ana All Nippon is the largest airline in Japan.  It travels around 80 international routes. It is the biggest operator or the Boeing 787.

All the top three international air flights received an award for the covid 19 airline excellence award.

Other best airlines to fly that managed it to the top ten include.

The Emirates in the United Arab Emirates.

Japan Airlines in Japan

Cathays pacific airways in Hong Kong China

Eva air connects in China.

Qantas airways in Australia.

Hainan air ways in China

Air France from France

Many airport lounges shut down for months between 2020 and 2021 over the covid 19 pandemic. Nevertheless, independent airport lounges have gained popularity in different parts of the world. These lounges are not operated by airlines but dedicated to lounge operator. They often provide pay to use access for all customer types.

During the Skytrax awards in 2021, Skytrax did a survey on this category for the role the independent lounges played during the covid 19 shut down. The There was an award for the best independent airport lounge2021. Plaza Premium Lounge received the award for being the best independent airport lounge globally. The first runners up position was scooped by Prime Lounge and the second runners up was scooped by IGA Lounge. The Plaza Premium Lounge at London has now been voted for the fifth consecutive year. Now you know, what airline to use before making your flight trip!